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10 Test Day Tips for the ACT

Test Day can be stressful even when you’re prepared, so we’ve created a list of 10 Test Day Tips to help.

Before Test Day

1. Rest up! A well rested mind and body will ensure you are in peak condition when you sit for the test.
2. Be prepared. Gather everything you will need for the test in advance. Include any materials you will need to get into the test center and anything you will need during the test i.e. pencils, watch, calculator, and a snack.

On Test Day

3. Wake up early. Give yourself enough time to get ready so you don’t feel rushed going into the test.
4. Eat Breakfast. High-protein foods will give you sustained energy throughout the test allowing you to focus on what you’re doing rather than being hungry.
5. Dress Comfortably. You will be in the test center for approximately 3 hours so comfort is key. Also consider bringing a light layer in case the test center is cold.
6. Keep Calm. The test is fast-paced and keeping calm will help prevent you from feeling rushed.
7. Prioritize! Answer the questions you know first and make note of the ones you have skipped. After you’ve gotten through what you know, go back to the questions you were uncertain of. Remember there is no wrong answer penalty so don’t leave any question blank!
8. Take a break. You receive one break if you take the test without the essay component and two if you’ve opted to take the essay. Utilize this time to clear your head before the next section.

After Test Day

9. Relax! You’ve made it through the test and now it’s a matter of waiting for your scores.
10. Weigh your next steps. You may want to schedule another official test in which case opting for the Test Information Release will give you the opportunity to review your scores in greater detail.

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