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AP and SAT Subject Test Prep at InTuition

AP Exams and SAT Subject Tests will take place in just a couple of months. If your child is a junior, she’s probably taking one or perhaps several of these tests. As we’ve mentioned before, fantastic AP and SAT Subject Test scores are a surefire way for your child to stand out on her college applications. Yet for many, the process can seem stressful, overwhelming, and confusing. However, it doesn’t have to be! Here at InTuition, our comprehensive AP and SAT Subject Test programs take the stress and confusion out of the whole undertaking.

Diagnostic Testing

The first step is to take stock of the situation. Your child shouldn’t approach the test without a clear idea of where she stands. That’s where our diagnostic testing comes in. We’ll invite your child into our office to take a mock exam. This experience will simulate actual test day circumstances—an official test, a controlled environment, and proctored timing. She can get a taste of the pressure that awaits her on test day!

Once we score her test, we will confer with you and make a clear recommendation regarding how many hours of coaching will be required to meet her goal score.

Personalized Coaching

Based on our recommendation, your child will meet with one of our Education Specialists weekly to prepare for the official exam. Our Specialists are experts in their fields and have the abilities to guide your child in the relevant subject.

Our instructors will present your child with a series of strategies to make her as successful as possible on the test. Weekly one on one sessions and homework will hone her ability in the tested area.

Practice Tests

Once your child has shown improvement over homework assignments, she will start taking practice tests. Just like the diagnostic test, these practice exams will occur in our office’s controlled environment. Through this practice, your child will build stamina and learn to excel under pressure. At the end of our course, she will be in fighting shape for the official exam.

Don’t delay! Cramming for these exams simply doesn’t work. Our measured, strategic approach will guarantee that your child is prepared come test day. Contact us today!

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