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Benefits of Test Prep Programs

Should you study for the SAT or ACT on your own, or should you work with a Test Prep program? It’s important to keep in mind that while the cost of a good program may seem like a hard pill to swallow, the benefits of Test Prep often outweigh the initial concern. Some of the benefits are obvious: scoring well on the SAT or ACT can secure your admission to a college or university.  However, there are some other not-so-obvious reasons that can play a huge role in the final outcome of your score.  Below we outline the benefits of Test Prep programs for you to consider:

1. Structured Study:

One of the hardest parts of self-guided study for a standardized test is accountability. Without someone to monitor progress and offer encouragement and guidance, it is easy to succumb to distraction or procrastination. Test Prep programs generally offer a set schedule and give students the opportunity to meet with an instructor either virtually or in real-time.

Students who meet regularly with an instructor can track their progress, get questions answered, and learn what their strengths and weaknesses may be. Instructors can also help students to understand the logistics of the SAT or ACT and help them create a strategy for each section.

2. Improved Results:

Test Prep programs worth their time and cost produce test score increases. Students who study on their own may see a score increase, but generally speaking, those students are doing well academically and have excellent study habits.

Students who work with a Test Prep program can monitor their progress and improvement systematically.  Dedicated students with an expert instructor and a good parental support system can see dramatic improvements in their scores.

3. Avoided Conflicts:

Even though parents have the best of intentions regarding their child’s future, discussions about college and test prep can easily erupt into tumultuous arguments that do not lead to any productive course of action. By following a structured plan outlined by a reputable service can alleviate most of the confusion about prep time and provide clarity to the realities of the process.

4. Increased Scholarship Opportunities:

It goes without saying that achieving good SAT or ACT scores can help your admissions chances. Not only do strong scores increase your admissions chances, they also can boost your scholarship amounts.

We recommend speaking to your short list schools to see what scholarships are available based on your scores. You can also check with scholarships.com to see what awards you may qualify for based on your SAT or ACT scores.

Not satisfied with your current Test Prep program? Contact InTuition Works today!