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If you’ve applied to colleges under the regular decision deadline, you’ve likely been holding your breath since December or January. Now that it’s mid-March, it’s time to start breathing again! Colleges are beginning to release their decisions and will continue to do so through April. No matter the outcome, try to stay calm and make […]


Every year, colleges receive applications upon applications—many qualified candidates vying for few spots. Though stellar test scores and a killer GPA will advance you towards the head of the pack, colleges also want to see who you are as a person. This is where recommendation letters come in. They give context to your skills and […]

Southern Westchester College Fair

Westchester County will be hosting a great event for all high school students! Get ready to navigate booths filled with information on colleges and universities, and meet representatives of those respective schools! It may seem overwhelming stepping into the college fair scene, but stay tuned to our future blog post on how to successfully tackle […]

STEM College and Career Fair

Attention high school students! Are you interested in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics? If yes, then check out the STEM college and career fair in New York City on October 14th! This event enables students to meet and talk to representatives of colleges and universities about the different STEM degree programs. Furthermore, there will be […]

It’s Not Too Late for Last-Minute College Applications!

Good news! Several schools are still accepting last-minute college applications! Each year, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) releases their College Openings Update. This list shows NACAC ‘s member institutions that are still accepting applications from incoming freshman and transfer students. This is great news for anyone who may have missed the May […]

Out-of-State Admission Cost

Admission cost is a determining factor for students’ school choices every year. Nationwide, college admission costs are significantly higher for out-of-state students vs. in-state. For example: A student from Michigan who attends University of Michigan will pay roughly $14,826/year vs. a student from New York who will pay roughly $47,000 (minus any scholarships & financial aid). […]

ACT/SAT Essay No Longer Required at Harvard

Applicants to Harvard are no longer required to provide a writing score for the ACT or SAT. What does this mean for you? As universities continue to weigh the essay results vs. overall collegiate success, we may see more universities make the essay optional. This news is great if you struggle with essay writing, but […]