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Changes to ACT Extended Time Testing

Big news for students who qualify for ACT Extended Time Testing!

ACT recently announced changes to the Extended Time Testing format. Beginning in September, students will no longer be given 5 hours to complete the multiple choice sections at their own pace. Instead, students will have a time limit on each section and a planned break.

The new timing for the test (w/o essay) will be as follows:

English: 70 minutes
Math: 90 minutes
(15 minute break after second section) 
Reading: 55 minutes
Science: 55 minutes

The decision was based on feedback received from examinees and test administrators and was made in the interest of improving fairness for all examinees.

Students taking the upcoming June or July 2018 official test will not be affected by the update.

We recommend students who plan to take the official test in the fall with Extended Time start to take practice tests utilizing the new format.

For more information regarding the update, visit ACT.org.

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