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How Many Times Should My Child Take the ACT?


With 12 available test dates throughout the year, you may be wondering how many times your child should take the ACT. Should you sign him up for all 12 to make sure he gets the best score possible? Or keep his suffering to a minimum with just one or two? The answer lies somewhere in the middle—take a look below to gain some insight and make an informed decision.  

The right number

Unless your child knocks it out of the park with 36’s across the board the first time around, he should plan on taking the test multiple times. Most students take the test at least 2-4 times before achieving their desired score. They need a chance to adjust to the pressures and format of the actual test and perform to their highest potential in each category on test day. Repeated tests allow them to build stamina and hit their stride.

The wrong number

Your child should not be aiming for anywhere near 12 test dates. In addition to the exhaustion factor, schools don’t look kindly on students with upwards of 5-6 attempts. This makes it seem like the student isn’t taking the test seriously and possibly just taking stabs in the dark. The same is true if the colleges see significant score fluctuations. Not only does this look bad, but it could also point towards cheating. There’s something suspicious if your child scores a 22 on the English section in October and magically jumps to a 33 on the same section in December.   


How to avoid the wrong number  

Be strategic—with the right plan of attack, your child can most likely be done with the ACT in 2-4 tries. This requires planning several months before the test. Here at InTuition, our Education Specialists will guide you and your child every step of the way, from developing specialized learning plans to providing practice tests that mimic the actual testing experience. We can help you and your child approach the process with expertise and efficiency.

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