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Should You Take SAT Subject Tests?

If you’re a student in high school, you’ve probably either taken or know you must take the ACT or SAT to get into that dream school. But what about SAT Subject Tests? These are shorter, one hour exams that focus on specific subject areas. Do you really have to take yet another standardized test? If the colleges you’re considering require or recommend them, then the answer is yes. Even if you’re not sure where you’re applying, it’s in your best interest to take one or more tests in case colleges request them. Keep reading to learn about why they’re so important.   

Stand Out from the Crowd

Say the college you’re interested in only recommends subject tests. What if your application matches up pretty evenly with another candidate’s in terms of GPA, ACT Scores, extracurriculars, etc.? BUT you’ve aced the SAT French exam, and that other candidate hasn’t submitted any subject test scores. Your scores could be the slight edge you need to rise above other applicants.

Demonstrate Your Interests

If you know what major you’d like to pursue in college, taking that corresponding subject test can display your commitment and abilities in that field. If you’re applying as a history major, a great score on the U.S. History exam could convince the college that you’d be a great addition to its history department.

On the other hand, you may not have a definite idea of the best major. In that case, you could take multiple tests to demonstrate your versatility. A student who can crush the Japanese exam as well as the Biology exam might be the kind of well-rounded individual the college is looking for.  

Fulfill College Requirements

Subject tests show your proficiency in a certain area and can potentially boost you in a college discipline. Some colleges allow you to test out of introductory level classes if you get a great score on a certain exam. This can save you some time and money and create space in your schedule for more advanced classes.

The Takeaway

If the colleges you’re considering request or recommend SAT Subject Tests, take them! Also remember that you don’t have to take the tests Junior year. You can begin as early as Sophomore year and go into early Senior year. It’s best to take the test right after you’ve completed the course work it tests.

Here at InTuition Works, we offer personalized instruction and guidance for SAT Subject Tests in a variety of areas. Don’t go it alone! We’ve been in the education business for years and know the ins and outs of the test prep and college admissions process. From gearing up for college entrance exams to crafting a dynamic personal statement, our Education Specialists will provide you with the best guidance possible. Contact us today to learn more!