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What Satisfied Clients Have Said…

“We have absolute praise for InTuition’s tutors — they are professional in every way and go beyond anything we could have hoped for in the tutoring sessions. They are wonderful… polite, and really, really smart in a way that enabled [my son] to absorb the material rapidly. To someone such as [my son] who does EVERYTHING on his own without anyone’s help, it was to your credit that you had this high level of success. The tutors have done everything right, and we are very grateful to them for what they have accomplished.”
-Holly B.

“InTuition Works really got the job done.  Not only did my son increase his ACT score by 10 points, but they made the process bearable.  People were always asking me how we were “surviving” Junior year, but the tutors at InTuition Works were so informative and supportive that my son never minded going to his sessions.  In fact, I would say he looked forward to them.  Their strategies work:  He was able to gauge his progress, which gave him a great sense of accomplishment.  I cannot recommend them highly enough!”
–Constance H.

“I worked with InTuition Works for ACT tutoring for my daughter and recently signed up again for my son. Not only did my daughter accomplish her goal of getting a good score and into her school of choice, as a parent, it was a great experience. Working with InTuition Works, I always felt like there was a clear process to follow that was built on years of experience, reflection and refinement. As we went through the process, my daughter’s tutor, Tipu, would reach out to me periodically and discuss what I could expect as far as a score and next steps. He was right on every step of the way! I really loved dealing with InTuition Works (the tutoring, the office staff, etc.) because it was always such a professional and “buttoned-up” experience. They had the ability to make an extremely stressful experience manageable!!!”
–Traci B.

“We are aware that there are many tutors for standardized testing in Westchester, but based on several recommendations, we chose to use InTuition Works. Now, it’s our turn to recommend this wonderful test prep organization. Tipu has a terrific teaching approach which has proven to be extremely effective for both of our “children. Also, our children’s confidence in their ability to perform well on the exams has reduced test-taking anxiety. Our older child raised his scores significantly while working with Tipu and now attends an Ivy League university. We are confident that our second child will score very well too.”
–Sharon M.

“Hi Tipu,

Hope you are doing well. Things are finally settling down here as summer begins, so I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all the time you and Tom spent with our son over the two months while he was at InTuition Works preparing for the ACT. Clearly, all the hard work paid off and we could not be more thrilled with our son’s scores and what he was able to accomplish in such a short time.

Our son entered into this situation with a goal in mind, he locked in, focused on what he needed to study, applied the strategies you taught him, and looks like it all paid off. I wish you could have seen and heard his reaction at 1:00am last week when he found out his scores online and woke us up! Quite a bit of excitement in this house to say the least. We were very supportive of our son and his decision to give the ACT a shot, grateful that we worked with you and Tom and the rest of your staff at InTuition Works to make this happen in a short period of time (and a crazy busy time of year), and most importantly our son feels proud, accomplished and satisfied with meeting his goal.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer!! We will be in touch to keep you posted on our son!”
– Lisa & Myles, K.

“Hi Tipu, Tom, Riya, and Eric,

My daughter got her May 5th SAT back and she got a 1330. This is a long overdue thank you to you all. You not only helped my daughter prepare for the test but you also helped her see how smart she is and created such a safe place for her to be herself. You are all wonderful and worth it! Thank you.”
-Jackie M. 

“Hi Alice and Tom,
This email is long overdue and has been on my mental checklist every since I got my February ACT score back. As you can probably tell from my lack of presence I was very happy with my score and even happier the ACT is in my past! It sure was a long journey.
I really just wanted to reach out to both of you so I could thank you for all the help and support. I really could not have done it with out you guys!

My scores were:
English: 35
Reading: 31
Math: 28
Cumulative: 30

I am so extremely happy with my score! I never even thought I could reach my goal which was less than what I got! Again, I want to thank you both for the immense help. From my diagnostic somewhere in the low 20’s, to a 27, to a 30, it just goes to show what great tutors you both are.”
– Dean M.

“Dear Tom and Alice,
Thank you for helping [my daughter] to prep for the April ACT. We are so proud of her hard work and determination. It really paid off with a composite score of 36! Her English and Science sub scores were 36’s and her mathematics and Reading were 35’s. She mentioned several times what a tremendous help you were to her each week reviewing errors on the practice exams and strategies for the April exam. Thanks again.
Best regards.”
–Beth G.

“Hi guys,

Hope all is well. After staying up until 1 in the morning last night to see my score, I was granted with great news. A 35!!!!!!!!!!
English: 36
Math: 35
Reading: 33
Science: 36
Thank you guys again for all of your help, all of the work really paid off!!!!!”
-Andrew, K. 

“Hi Eric,
My son got
800 on Math II
770 on Physics
Thanks so much to Tom for all his hard work!!”
-Jennifer R. 

“Hi, [my son’s] overall score is 32.
Here is how he did at each subject:
English- 29
Math- 33
Reading- 35
Science- 31
He did pretty well. My thanks to Ron and Daniel.
-Mihaela P.

“Hi Riya,
[My daughter] got a 740 on the Math SAT II subject test.
Thank you!!”
Jamie B. 

“Hi All,
I received my ACT score of a 33 this morning. The individual breakdown goes as such:
English- 33
Math- 31
Reading- 34
Science- 32
Pia L. 

“Dear Tipu… Thanks to you and Tom!  You are far too humble; your tutelage has been enormously helpful and appreciated. When I spoke with [my son] yesterday, he was indeed focused on taking the SAT again and optimizing the essay portion of the SAT (where he consistently scores 10+) and other areas for super scoring purposes. I want to reiterate what [my wife] noted and also our thanks for everything you have done to prepare [my son].  To be sure, [my son] was more focused, relaxed and confident as a result of your efforts! [My younger son] will be entering High School next year and – as you will find – quite a different learner…. We look forward to working with you again!
Best regards.”
–Andrew Z.

“Hi Tipu,
[My son] just got his February scores. So proud of him! Big thanks to Tom and all of you for all of the help!
Composite: 35
English: 36
Math: 34
Reading: 36
Science: 34
Thank you! “
–Samantha N.

“Hello Riya and Jessica,
Thank you very much for a wonderful experience with [my daughter’s] English tutoring. She has become more comfortable with reading comprehension, and we see the results. She made it into an advanced English class for her freshman year of high school, which is great news. She has been doing better on her tests as well, thanks to the practice she received. We never got to thank Jessica in person… Jessica was a wonderful tutor, and a very pleasant person to work with. Once again, thank you, and we are still interested in SAT tutoring for [my daughter] when the time comes. We will also keep your company in mind for specific subjects that she may struggle with.
Best regards”
-Anna G.

[My daughter] did super well on the February ACT. Congratulations to Tipu and Tom! Her composite was a 35. The breakouts were as follows:
English: 36
Math: 33
Reading: 35
Science: 36
The last time she took the test – she received a 36 in Reading – so her superscore is a 36!
–Susan Z. 

My scores for the February test came out. I got a 35 in English, 32 in Math, 30 in Reading, and a 33 in Science for a composite score of 33.
Thanks so much.”
– Adam W. 

[My son] scored a 31. He was thrilled and we are so happy for him.
Thank you for everything!”
–Rosana C.

“Hi Daniel… I wanted to personally thank you for all of the time and help you have given me over the past two months for the ACT. It was definitely one of the best days of the year when I first saw the score, and was by far the best surprise all year. I attached the score report as a PDF, and I can happily say that I am done taking any more ACTs. Thank you for making the sessions effective and lively, and for helping me reach my full potential on the exam.. [Composite: 34, English: 35, Math: 33, Reading: 31, Science: 36].”
-Michael R.

“Happy holidays!
I wanted to share our great news that [my son] was accepted into Washington University in St. Louis! He is thrilled and relieved. Thank you both for your help in making this all happen for him.
You’ll see his sister in a few years…
-Amy K.

“I have only wonderful things to say about Tipu and the entire staff at InTuition Works. Both of our children received outstanding (36 and 35) ACT scores after being tutored there, and were thrilled with their tutors. Diagnostic and practice testing showed the kids’ clear improvement over time. The patience, friendliness and caring service the InTuition Works staff provides make the experience truly top notch.”
–Lisa M.

“Hey Everyone,
We would like to thank you all so much. [My son’s] scores came back today and the end result was 34. He got:
English: 35
Math: 32
Reading: 35
Science: 33
I am very thrilled that it worked out thanks to your excellent tutoring program!
–Bettina G. 

“InTuition Works WORKS!!! They helped my daughter reach her fullest potential. The teachers she worked with were excellent in both their knowledge and clarity. I was impressed with how well they understood her strengths and weaknesses and could tailor her lessons around that. Riya is unbelievably flexible with last minute schedule changes, which allowed my daughter to keep her commitment to sports without sacrificing her tutoring, and Tipu was a wonderful guide through this process. When my daughter took her first practice test at In Tuition Works, Tipu told me what he expected her best test score to be… I was doubtful. To our happy amazement, she received the exact score he predicted! I feel very fortunate to have found them.”
–Randy S.

“We highly recommend Tipu as an excellent and skilled tutor for the SAT – He showed my son advanced techniques and strategies for mastering the Verbal section of the test. Tipu was a great blend of a tough and caring coach. He was able to get my son to stretch out of his comfort zone, and [my son] ended up increasing his Verbal scores by 200 points [which] was a big factor to his success with colleges. [My son] was accepted everywhere he applied and received scholarship money from 3 schools! Well worth the investment! Thank you Tipu and the entire InTuition team.”
–Nancy F.

“Dear Riya,
My son received his scores yesterday.
Composite – 33
English – 35
Math – 32
Reading – 33
Science – 31
Thank you for all the help from InTuition Works.”
-Ngozi, O.

“Hi Riya and Tipu,
I just wanted to share some good news with you……. I was accepted early decision into Washington University in St. Louis, my first choice school! Thank you so much for all your help on my ACT!
Wishing you guys a very happy holiday season and new year.
-Alex C.

“Sharing our good news. We are thrilled!!!
Composite – 35
English – 36
Math – 34
Reading – 34
Science – 33”
-Jill H. 

“Hi. [My daughter] got a:
Composite – 34!!!
English – 35
Math – 35
Reading – 34
Science – 33
Just deciding if she is going to take it again or not. This is one of her best scores.
Thank you for all your help – we could not have done it without you and Tom!”
-Marlene P.

“Thanks for all your time, patience and organization/flexibility with everything. We have had a really positive experience through this process which was completely unexpected… but we knew from the beginning that it would be worthwhile, and boy were we right. [My son] is so appreciative that we could provide this for him as he constantly spoke about how helpful each and every session was.  He told me how focused he was able to be and felt every week as if he was being helped to do his best.  What else could I have asked for? Thank you so much for your help. I am sure we will be seeing you shortly again for my daughter. I am so happy to be on the list of references for InTuition Works as I am happy to give glowing recommendations. Thanks again for everything…”
-Denise S.

“Hi Riya!… [My son] got a 33… Tipu definitely worked his magic because his Reading score was a 35 and his English score was a 34 (as you recall, he got a 26 on his last English ACT test before your tutoring!). [My son] was thrilled with those subject scores… We are very grateful for your help… [My son] did indeed incredibly work hard but actually really enjoyed his time with you and Tom… He will definitely miss you guys… and he says he will be sure to stop by to say hello (with some gummy bears and mini Oreos) next time we are visiting my sister in Chappaqua.
-Karen C.

“See below. Thanks SO much for everything! He is done! 🙂
Composite: 35
English: 35
Math: 34
Reading: 35
Science: 36
We will definitely be back for prep for SAT II tests- and AP physics…
Thank you again. We are so thrilled.
-Jen R.

“[My son] finally had the courage to look up his ACT scores. Needless to say, we were all delighted with the outcome and marveled at the improvement from the time he first took the practice test… His goal was to be finished with the test in time for the lacrosse season and he did just that. He might want to take it again at some point but for now we are all more than satisfied. His achievement on the ACT opens new doors and affords him more options. We are grateful to you for your expertise and commitment.”
–Amy G.

[My son] received a 30 on his ACT. Alice and Tom knew we were shooting for a 29 so we are quite please with [his] score! Tom and Alice have been amazing, wonderful, and supportive with [my son] and communicative with me as well. Working with you has been a pleasure!
Thank you so much for everything!
All my best,”
–Helaine M. 

We received [my daughter’s] scores and are so happy and proud of her for getting a 35! Thank you!”
-Karen N.

“Hi Riya,
Here are the scores for the boys. They did great and we are very happy with the scores. They are done with the ACT. We really appreciate all your hard work and efforts. They obviously paid off.
Composite: 32       Composite: 31
English: 35             English: 35
Math: 30                 Math: 30
Reading: 32            Reading: 27
Science: 29             Science: 32
Thank you.”
–Anna K. 

“We were very happy with Tipu’s excellent teaching for the ACTs. He is far better than any other tutor in the area and individualizes his teaching to the needs of each student. I highly recommend him for ACT and SAT tutoring. He prepared my son very well and his scores increased better than we anticipated.”
–Carole B.

“My older son who is currently in his junior year at college was tutored at InTuition Works to prepare him for the ACT. After his second session with Tipu, he came home and said, “I wish Tipu could teach me everything.” What more can I say? He started with scores in the mid 20s and finshed with a 31! He only took the ACT 2x’s. Based on his experience, I have referred several people to InTuition Works and am currently using them again for my younger son. Tipu and his staff have been a pleasure to work with, and I am hoping to achieve the same results with my younger son!!!”
–Jennifer S.

“…Thanks Tipu. We too are thrilled and glad to have the ACT part over for him. Thanks to you and Tom, I really believe he reached his potential! Now we just have to get [my younger son] the same score! Be well. I will circle back with your office in the spring.”
-Lauren B.

“Needless to say, I am clearly up this early because the SAT scores came out, and I just wanted to thank each of you for all of the help that you have given me. I earned an 800 on my critical reading, 760 on my math, and 730 on my writing. Thank you so much for helping me to reach my goal. You’re the best!
-Elizabeth K.

“My daughter, a Junior at Horace Greeley High School, studied with both Tipu and Tom for her ACT. Both tutors were very patient and thorough in their sessions, giving good advice and techniques for her to succeed in gaining a high score in the ACT. The office was always available for her to take both diagnostic and practice tests, which were so helpful. Tipu was very attentive and accessible, always returning calls promptly and being extremely helpful and informed in our conversations. I would be happy to recommend InTuition Works to anyone whose child is preparing to take the ACT.”
–Naomi A.

“Hi Tipu, I wanted to update you on [my daughter’s] success on her first round of the ACT – I am so happy to share with you that she earned a 36!!
Thank you so much for your efforts in the process.
-Kim R.

“Hi Alice and Tom!
Please see [my daughter’s] scores.
Composite: 35
English: 35
Math: 34
Reading: 36
Science: 36
Thank you for all of your help!!!”
–Kristin L.

“InTuition Works was a stress-free environment in which my daughter was able to hone her standardized testing skills with top notch tutors. I plan to use their services for my other kids as well.”
–Rachel R.

“Hi Tom,
I got a 36 in English and a 35 in Math. ACT says that I got points off in Plane Geometry/Trig. Of course it wasn’t a 36, but I’m glad I still did well as I and many other people felt the Math was unusually difficult this time – I almost ran out of time, whereas I usually finish in 40 minutes before checking.
Thanks for all the help on the ACT. Glad that I got all my standardized testing out of the way.
-Jeffrey L.

“Attached are [my daughter’s] Feb. scores.
Thank you for everyone’s help to reach the score of 30 which was her goal.
English: 34
Math: 26
Reading: 31
Science: 28
Again, thank you so much. She couldn’t have done this without you!
–Dan D.

“Hi Tipu and Tom: [My son] got his results – 30. We are thrilled. He is too…!!! Such a great Christmas gift. So nice to decrease some of the pressure. You guys are fantastic!!
Thank you, thank you!!”
-Nancy C.

“I highly recommend InTuition Works. Tipu and his staff are excellent ACT tutors. My son and daughter were able to dramatically improve their ACT scores with the tutors’ training. Tipu was always very responsive and remained a calming presence during this somewhat stressful time. I can’t thank him enough!”
–Debbie L.

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in preparing me for the ACT. On the February exam, I scored a 34!!!!!!!I am very pleased by this! I’m done.
Thanks so much.”
-Ava K.

“I currently have my third child tutoring for SAT’s with InTuitionWorks. Tipu and his team have proven to be invaluable in helping with preparation for both the SAT and the ACT. I feel confident with Tipu, as well as his tutoring staff that my children have not only been well prepared but were given the confidence and the tools to minimize anxiety about the entire process.”
–Stephanie I.

“Tipu and Tom I hope you are having a great week. [My son] got a 33! (Up from 32 in December)
English: 36
Math: 32
Reading: 35
Science: 31
We are thrilled. Thanks again.”
–Lisa M. 

“Tipu and his staff are wonderful. They not only helped both of my kids raise their test scores, but they also helped a young student from the Bronx (and were very generous) to raise her scores as well. I recommend them without reservation!”
–Marlene L.

“InTuition Works helped my son zero in on the types of questions posing the greatest challenge to him and provided him with an approach he used, successfully, during the tests. My son made a point of calling Tipu when he received his acceptances — a clear sign, to me, that he understood the value he received from his InTuition Works’s sessions.”
–Paige S.

“Hi All,
[My son] got his ACT scores back and he is off to quite a start with a 33 composite!
English 36
Math 36
Reading 30
Science 31
Writing 8
Needless say we are thrilled that he can call himself done on two sections! It is also comforting that he broke 30 on the other two sections… he was thinking that maybe he doesn’t need to continue tutoring but that he should take a lot more practice tests. Please let us know your thoughts and whether or not you agree with this strategy.
Thank you for everything.”
-Jil H.

“Our experience with InTuition Works was great. From the first encounter, they found tutors who were suited to my daughter’s abilities and accommodated our crazy schedules. They were also flexible when conflicts arose. The abundance of opportunities for practice tests was also incredibly helpful. From her first pretest to her final ACT score that counted, her overall score came up 6 points! Thanks again for everything.”
–JoAnne K.

“Dear InTuition.. [My daughter] got her test results today her composite score is 35. We are pleased with this result. Thank you!”
–Margaret S.

“Tipu et al…Just wanted to report that [my daughter] received her ACT score yesterday — a 35. I wanted to thank you, and her tutor in science specifically, because she received a 35 in science and an 11 in writing. She really received some excellent advice and coaching that helped her with the test… Thanks for what you do. I will continue to recommend your firm to friends’ children. Take care.”
–Dara K.

Just wanted to inform you that [my son] received a 31 on his recent ACT. He is very grateful for all of your efforts in helping him achieve this score.
Hope you enjoy the summer and thank you again!
–Diane D.

“Thank you…! [My daughter] is beyond thrilled, as are we, with her scores! She exceeded her expectations and is now comfortably in the ranges for all the schools we are considering!
All the best!”
–Laurie G.

“I can never thank you enough for being such a big help at such a stressful time of our lives! And your help with the kids’ SATs is priceless. My children still talk about how they could hear your voice in their heads while they were doing the English section,and in college long after SATs were over. I hope to start working with you soon for my youngest son.
Wishing you the best always.”
–Jyoti T.

“I wanted to let you and Tipu know that [my daughter] got into the school of her choice: Tufts University, early decision. Thanks for all of your help with the process.”
–Henry H.

“Tipu and Tom – A million thanks for all of your help! Scores below.
CR 610
M 680
WR 630
Super score = 1940.”
-Lisa M.

“You guys know how much I love your work and effort around the kids… You get the most out of every single experience.”
–Ari S.

“I wanted to let you know that [my son] got a 33 on his December ACT. He and we were thrilled. Thank you very much for helping him. His tutors were terrific. They were highly skilled and knowledgeable… [My son] enjoyed working with them both.
Thanks, greatly.”
–Lynn S.

“Hello Tom,
I thought you’d like to know, I got an 800 on the SAT 2 Math Level 2! Thanks for everything!
–Josh N.

“We happily checked [my son’s] scores, and we’re thrilled because he has a composite score of 32!!! This was his target number so we are all very happy! [He] felt very confident upon finishing the test, so we were hopeful he had done well. He actually thought he got a perfect score on the reading section and is a bit disappointed with the 35! These are his best scores to date! Please pass on the good news to the tutors as well. [My son] really enjoyed his sessions with his tutors, and they certainly helped [him] feel confident regarding the test. Thank you for all your help… We certainly feel that [my son’s] time at InTuition Works was instrumental in his success on the ACT.”
-Karen R.

“Hello!!!!I got my score back – 33 composite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [English 34, Math 32, Reading 35, Science 32]. Thank you!!!!”
–Lily A.

“Hey Daniel…Scores just came in! I got a 34! I’m super stoked, and wanted to say thank you for everything.
The breakdown:
35 English
31 Math
36 Reading
33 Science
Again, thanks for everything you did for me. I had a great time, and it was obviously worth the extra pushing.”
–Danny P.

“…I was (happily) surprised by [my daughter’s] huge leap but glad you saw her progression and that she was able to benefit so greatly from your teaching and tips. I hope she will get to work with you again in the Fall… Thank you again for your excellent work!”
-Karen Y.

“Hello… I wanted to inform you that [my son]… did really well on his ACT test in December and he has accomplished the goal he set out to do. Many thanks to you and your wonderful staff.  Our gratitude to Sara and Ron.. they are wonderful and worked well with [my son]. We will be back in 1 1/2 year with the twins!!!
Many thanks!”
-Alka K.

I wanted to give you an update on [my son] and the ACT. He took it on 4/18.. thought that most of the sections went well… He got his score today and he got a 34!!!!!
He is so happy and I wanted to thank Tom and Sara for all of of their help! It really paid off!
I will be in touch this summer…I have another son who will be a junior next year 🙂
Tracy S.

“Dear Tipu and Riya… I just wanted to let you know that [my daughter] was accepted to NYU early decision. I have no doubt that her very strong english, reading and writing scores were a great asset to her application. Thank you for all of your support. Have a happy and healthy holiday!
All My Best.”
-Jane M.

“Dear Tipu and Tom.. [My son’s] scores came in and I am very happy.. Here is his breakdown:
Critical reading – 800 (99%ile)
Math – 710  (94%ile)
Writing – 660  (92%ile)
Multiple choice – 68
Essay – 8
If I can add correctly this is 2170 — higher than he has done on practice tests… Thank you for all of your hard work and time. Have a happy a healthy new year to you and your family– and everyone at intuition works. Please send our New Years wishes to Tom as well. He has been great for [my son].  You have all been a wonderful help (and I will call soon to put our 8th grade son on the waiting list).
-Stefanie Z.

“[My daughter] is done taking the ACT. She received a 33 on the April test.
Thanks so much! … The breakdown….math 33, english 34, reading 30 and science 34 Thanks!”
-Gail D.

“Hi Ron – Here’s [my son’s] terrific results from the last test !!Thank you for everyone’s consistent efforts at InTuition Works!!! {My son] is very thankful!!! [Composite: 29] Thank you again for your persistent hard work with him… I know he is very appreciative of your help. He always spoke very highly of you !
-Nancy T.

“Thank you Tom for all your help.. [My daughter] enjoyed your classes and learnt a lot. We appreciate your whole hearted effort in bringing good out of a student.
Thanks again.”
–Shikha G.

I just wanted to let you know that [my daughter] got a 96% on her US History Regents. YEAH!!!!
Thank you and please share the good news with Jessica!
-Susan Z.

We just got the scores today & I’ve attached the scoring report for your review.. [Composite: 28].Thank you so much for all of your efforts and tutoring expertise — it’s really incredible how far she’s come, especially considering the score on her very first diagnostic test with you!
Also – I’ll reach out to Riya to discuss setting up a diagnostic test for [my younger daughter] and tutoring starting in August.
Thank you again!!!”
-Stacey W.

“I can personally attest to the effectiveness of InTuition Works’s teaching methods. Their tutors were both friendly and understanding. From the beginning, my SAT tutor and I set reasonable goals and then met them. The practice tests they offered were an amazing resource as well. Their tutoring isn’t just limited to standardized tests either. I would, without question, recommend their tutors for any academic subject. That’s how great my experience was with them. Ultimately, they helped me increase my combined average SAT score not just by 50 points, but by 200 points. All said and done, I’m currently a member of the Columbia University Class of 2016.”
–Robert B.

“Just wanted to let you know that [my daughter] scored a 28 on her April ACT. Thanks for everything and sticking with her.”
-Michael S.

English- 34
Math- 29
Reading- 30
Science- 29
Composite- 31
We are all very pleased!! Scores went up significantly ! Thank you, [my daughter] is very happy!”
-Julie J.

“Good evening,
Here are [my son’s] scores:
ACT 32 composite
34 and 35 for English and reading and
28 and 29 for math and science.
Writing 30.
SAT 1430 composite
[My son] and I are pleased…”
-Marjorie V.