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The Case For High School Planning

College applications are daunting. The last thing parents and students want to hear is that they’ve missed out on a crucial course, test, or extracurricular activity that could have improved their admissions chances. We understand that, as a parent, going through a student’s course load can be extremely confusing. Which classes should a student take? Do they need to take AP exams? Will their college choices require SAT subject tests? What kind of extracurriculars will make the biggest impact? These are just a few of the questions we face each year as we work with our students. It is important to realize that even the choices made in Freshman year can have a huge impact on a student’s admission into a first choice school. As a result, InTuition Works has created a High School Planning service to assist parents and students at all stages of their high school journey.

What Does High School Planning Entail?

  • Planning Ahead:

We look into a student’s academic history leading into Freshman year to formulate a plan for their High School experience.

  • Goal Setting:

Through discussion with one of our High School Planning experts we will help set short and long term goals, discuss extracurricular options, explore volunteer programs and summer activities that fit the student’s personality and temperament.

  • Continuous Support:

After the initial meeting, we will arrange quarterly check-in sessions to ensure that the student is on track. We will also make suggestions and recommendations for Test Prep with one of our Education Specialists.


High School Planning

*Additional Fees Apply

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