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The Importance of Taking AP Exams

If you’re a high school underclassman, you may be wondering about taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Is it worth it? Do you really have to give yourself all that extra work? We’re going to have to go with yes—to a certain extent! Challenging yourself with AP courses can be a great way to prepare for your college career.

Give Your Application an Edge

A transcript containing AP courses will catch an admissions officer’s attention. Instead of taking standard level classes, you decided to up your game and test your skills with college level coursework. Many high schools provide weighted GPAs, so AP classes could boost your overall grade.  

But remember, getting a great mark in a couple of AP classes is much better than not so great marks in four or five. Be realistic about the amount of added work you can handle in relation to your other commitments.

Ready Yourself for College

College is a huge adjustment for most students, not just in terms of environment but also in the difficulty of classes. You can avoid some academic culture shock by slowly readying yourself for college level classes and course work.

AP classes might also help you assess potential paths of study. If you’re thinking of majoring in English, taking AP English Literature will give you a taste of what’s to come. It can also help you figure out what you don’t want to bring into your college career.   

Place Out of Pre-Requisites

Taking AP classes now might actually save you time and money in the long run. Many colleges offer course credit for high scores on AP exams. This mostly applies to lower level, introductory classes. If you want to get out of some general education requirements, you might consider taking multiple AP exams in varied areas. Putting in some extra work now will pay off when you have room in your schedule to take the classes that excite you.  

Where We Come In

Here at InTuition Works, we offer personalized instruction and guidance during the AP journey. Don’t go it alone! We’ve been in the education business for years and know the ins and outs of the test prep and college admissions process. From gearing up for college entrance exams to crafting a dynamic personal statement, our Education Specialists will provide you with the best guidance possible. Contact us today to learn more!