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What is Extended Time Testing?

Each year we receive questions regarding Extended Time testing from both parents and students, but what does Extended Time testing mean?

Extended Time Testing Explained

Extended Time testing is exactly as it sounds. It is a special accommodation granted by the College Board and the ACT to students based on certain learning disabilities, injuries, etc. they may have.

The most common accommodation eligible students qualify for is “50% Extra Time” which brings the total testing time (without essay) to approximately 5 hours. In certain cases “Double Time” may also be approved for students, which brings the testing time to approximately 6 hours (sometimes taken over multiple days).

How Do I Know if My Child qualifies for Extended Time?

Most students who receive the Extended Time (or other) accommodation meet one or several of the following disabilities or disorders:

  • General Learning Disability
  • Psychiatric Disorder – mood or anxiety or serious mental illness
  • Visual Impairment
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Autism, Asperger’s or other Developmental Disorder
  • Speech or Language Disorder
  • Medical Condition
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

Any number of these disabilities or disorders may receive one or more accommodations on test day. Eligibility is subject to approval by the College Board or ACT.

How long is each section of the test?

50% Extended Time approved students will take the test with the following breakdown:

English: 67 mins.
Math: 90 mins.
Reading: 53 mins.
Science 53 mins.
Reading: 98 mins.
Writing: 53 mins.
Math w/o calc: 38 mins.
Math w/calc: 83 mins.


Keep an eye out for our next post for information on registering for an Extended Time accommodation. For further details regarding extended time testing visit ACT or College Board.

Whether you are a regular time or extended time tester, Contact Us today to schedule your Diagnostic or next Practice Test.