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If you’ve applied to colleges under the regular decision deadline, you’ve likely been holding your breath since December or January. Now that it’s mid-March, it’s time to start breathing again! Colleges are beginning to release their decisions and will continue to do so through April. No matter the outcome, try to stay calm and make […]


Every year, colleges receive applications upon applications—many qualified candidates vying for few spots. Though stellar test scores and a killer GPA will advance you towards the head of the pack, colleges also want to see who you are as a person. This is where recommendation letters come in. They give context to your skills and […]


If you’re a Junior or even an underclassman embarking on the college search, you’re likely considering the big picture: what school will be the best fit for you? While this is undoubtedly an important question, don’t forget about the equally important yet less glamorous topic of how you and your family will pay for your […]

AP and SAT Subject Test Prep at InTuition

AP Exams and SAT Subject Tests will take place in just a couple of months. If your child is a junior, she’s probably taking one or perhaps several of these tests. As we’ve mentioned before, fantastic AP and SAT Subject Test scores are a surefire way for your child to stand out on her college […]

Should You Take SAT Subject Tests?

If you’re a student in high school, you’ve probably either taken or know you must take the ACT or SAT to get into that dream school. But what about SAT Subject Tests? These are shorter, one hour exams that focus on specific subject areas. Do you really have to take yet another standardized test? If […]

The Importance of Taking AP Exams

If you’re a high school underclassman, you may be wondering about taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Is it worth it? Do you really have to give yourself all that extra work? We’re going to have to go with yes—to a certain extent! Challenging yourself with AP courses can be a great way to prepare for […]

National Merit Scholarships Explained

As February rolls around, so does recognition from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). If your child has excelled during the PSAT selection process and submitted a stellar application, he might receive a letter this month naming him a Finalist. Beginning in March, the NMSC narrows down the application pool and awards scholarships to the […]

Making Your College Visit Count

It’s spring semester Junior year, and you’re probably starting to think about the college application process. Though it may seem pretty far away, now is a great time to start doing research on prospective schools. You can fire up your laptop and Google away, but one crucial part of deciding whether a college is right […]